VANCOUVER, Mar 30, 2001 ( – As the British Columbia New Democratic Party Government introduced its outrageous pro-abortion resolution Wednesday, supporters brought into the Legislature by the Government included the most radical arms of the pro-choice movement. Included among the supporters was Erin Kaiser , spokesperson for UBC Students for Choice and the Pro-Choice Action Network. Kaiser gained notoriety in 1999 when she was caught on tape attacking and destroying a pro-life display at the University of British Columbia.

Ted Gerk, of the BC Pro-Life Resource Centre said, “This government talks about the imagined threats of increased harassment in the abortion debate, and then, to validate their motion, it uses individuals that support the use of violence in stopping peaceful opposition to abortion.” Joyce Arthur, head of the Pro-Choice Action Network was also in the Legislature. Arthur’s group sponsored a demonstration outside Vancouver’s Catholic cathedral that many felt was anti-Catholic bigotry. Members of the group were dressed as pregnant nuns.

“MacPhail and her government has sent a clear message to those in BC that oppose her policies on abortion. They will stand with and seek out the support of those who use violence as a means of achieving their goals. How frightening that this government will resort to using such supporters in order to validate their abortion agenda, sending the message that it is open season on those who disagree with them,” said Gerk.

Real Video video of Erin Kaiser violently destroying a pro-life display can be viewed on LifeSite at: