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UPDATE: After a delay of three days, the teacher of the “Feminism Practices” class and the one whom Keene State College’s website says “lined up” Planned Parenthood for students to “work” with, Dr. Jennifer Musial, responded to LifeSiteNews, writing in an email: “Karen Balnis leads the Community Service office on campus.  She can better answer your question because she has knowledge of all service learning classes/opportunities at Keene State College.”

KEENE, New Hampshire, November 13, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Publicly funded Keene State College has developed a course in which students “partner” with Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Jennifer Musial, new to the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Keene, is teaching three courses this semester, including one called “Feminist Practices.” The college's website explains that the “Feminist Practices” course “has a community engagement component. Musial has lined up three community partners that will work with students.”

One of the “community partners” Musial has for student “engagement” to “work with” is Planned Parenthood.

The course description reads, “Students will engage in an experiential learning project that requires them to make connections between feminist theory, the history of liberatory [sic] social movements, and the need for engaged citizenship.”

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Musial, who joined Keene State College as a contract lecturer this fall, shared, “I'm really invested in thinking about campus and community relationships.”

Another course offering by the tax dollar-supported school is “Queer Theory.” “Queer studies provide a range of theoretical approaches that challenge fixed, essentialist identities, drawing attention to incoherencies in the allegedly stable sex/gender system.”

Musial is planning to teach a course on “Reproductive Justice” in the spring.

Associate Professor Jamie Landau of the Communication and Philosophy Department at Keene is working with students to write a training session on “transgender issues” for Keene faculty, students, and staff.

LifeSiteNews sought to contact Keene Administrative Assistant Dede Keach, listed on Keene's website as contact for the Women's and Gender Studies Department, asking if any course in the department has a “community engagement component” for students to work at a crisis pregnancy center or a Right to Life chapter, or if there's any such class in any department at Keene State College.

Ms. Keach responded to the LifeSiteNews inquiry via email, saying she was “forwarding your question to the Women's and Gender Studies department.” 

LifeSiteNews also contacted Dr. Musial via phone and email with the same question, to no response.