Pamphlet about numerous deaths resulting from legal Canadian abortions is factual

HULL, QUE., July 24, 2001 ( – La Clinique des femmes de l’Outaouais (Hull region women’s clinic), a Quebec abortion mill, officially withdrew its legal action against the pro-life group Respect de la Vie Outaouais (RVO) yesterday. The abortuary was contesting a pamphlet by RVO noting that one in 25 women “are hospitalized up to 7 days after legally induced abortion in Canada.”

On February 16, 2001, the women’s clinic served RVO with a legal action filed with la Cour supérieure du Québec in which the clinic accused the RVO of “irreparable damages” caused to its business by the RVO pamphlet. The clinic alleged that the pamphlet was ” fallacious, morbid and alarmist” and presented in support of its claim a Statistics Canada table where the complication rate given in the body of the text was “1.1%”.

RVO, however, demonstrated to the court that the women’s clinic chose not to mention that the endnotes of the same table specify that the rates only represent hospital cases. Moreover, RVO submitted Statistics Canada evidence noting that a full third of abortions are practised in clinics and only 75% of hospitals report abortions to the Statistics Canada Therapeutic Abortions database, with only a limited number of those declaring their medical complications and only “immediate” complications are taken into account.

RVO obtained a custom tabulation from Statistics Canada extracted from the “Hospital Morbidity” database that shows 1 out of 25 women is hospitalized up to 7 days after legally induced abortion in Canada with the diagnostic code “Complications from legally induced abortion”. In the Statistics Canada article entitled “Second-trimester abortions: Trends and medical complications”, it is stated that, at 20-24 weeks’gestation (genetic abortions), the risk of serious complications, including death, reach 22%.

RVO urges Canada to require informed consent for abortions. The group insists that women know all the risks and consequences of abortion (e.g. death; complications; breast cancer; infertility; miscarriage; premature birth; ectopic pregnancy; suicide; etc.) as well as alternatives (adoption, pregnancy support and family support).

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