MONTREAL, August 12, 2003 ( – While Catholic bishops from coast to coast in Canada are defending marriage in homilies, bulletin inserts, articles in diocesan papers and even in comments to the press, the Catholic hierarchy in the province of Quebec are a notable exception. Hilary White of Campaign Life Catholic called the silence “deafening”.  The Montreal Gazette reported August 4th about the startling difference between Montreal and Toronto.  With most Toronto parishes following up on the Vatican’s new documents on homosexual unions with education for the parishioners, Montreal parishes heard nothing.  “Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte did not issue a directive to Montreal congregations, as did the Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic, making it imperative to address the topic,” reported the Gazette.  Montrealers who spoke to LifeSite today said they have not yet had the issue raised from the pulpit.  Svend Robinson, the homosexual activist MP who has annually put forward a bill demanding marriage for homosexual couples, wrote an article today bashing the Catholic Church for its stand but praising a Quebec Bishop and spokesman for the Assembly of Quebec Bishops.  Typically, Robinson said the Vatican was attempting “to bully and threaten MPs on the issue of same-sex marriage,” he said he was “sickened by the shameful attack” and accused the Church of uttering “hateful lies” and of a “hypocrisy is breathtaking.”  However, Robinson praised Monsignor Louis Dicaire of the Assembly of Quebec Bishops as an “eloquent voice(s) even within the Catholic Church raised against such bullying.”  Robinson then quoted a National Post report where Bishop Dicaire reacted to the new Vatican document saying, “The Catholic Church is a faith community, not a pressure group.”  The Post also reported that he said Quebec churches won’t mobilize their members against same-sex marriage.  One faithful Quebec bishop at least has had the willingness and courage to defend Catholic teachings on marriage.  Recently appointed Bishop Marc Ouellette of Quebec City – traditionally given the title of Primate of Canada since the diocese was the first one in the country – has spoken out on the subject.  Moreover, his parishes and diocesan website contain a petition demanding the protection of marriage.  Finally, the diocese of Quebec City is supporting and promoting the demonstration in Ottawa on August 22 to show support for the Sanctity of Marriage.  See Robinson’s article and the National Post and Gazette coverage:   See the Diocese of Quebec website and the site promoting the August 22 Ottawa demonstration:   See talk given by Bishop Ouellete on the issue of same-sex ‘marriage’. ( in French)