MONTREAL, August 7, 2003 ( – Rev. Raymond Gravel, a priest in St. Joachim de La Plaine parish in Joliette Quebec has written an open letter condemning the Vatican’s recent document on homosexual unions.  Fr. Gravel, the chaplain for the Laval police brotherhood, wrote that the Church’s stand “is discriminatory, hurtful and offensive, not only for homosexuals.”  Joliette Bishop Gilles Lussier was contacted for comment on the open letter by the Montreal Gazette.  The Gazette reports that Bishop Lussier responded that the priest is entitled to express his opinions.  “Like all institutions, there is a professional code,” Lussier said. “I will meet with him and if I have reflections to communicate, I will express them to him.”  The paper also reports that Rev. Gravel has formerly “spoken out in favour of the ordination of women and against the church’s denunciation of Bosnian rape victims for having abortions.”  Contact Bishop Lussier:  Mailing Address:  C.P. 470, 2 Rue Saint-Charles-Borromée Nord,  Joliette, P.Q. J6E 6H6, Canada   Telephone: (450)753-7596   Fax: 759-0929   See the Gazette coverage:

See the full text of the New Vatican Document: