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Quebec Premier François LegaultCBC News / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — The Quebec government has announced it will now allow driver’s licenses to show “X” as a gender option for someone who “identifies” as neither male nor female.  

On March 4, Quebec Family Minister Suzanne Roy announced that the province will list “X” as an option for gender on driver’s licenses, following a previous announcement by the François Legault government that the decision would not be made until 2025.   

“Given the consensus reached and shared by the committee, the government of Quebec agrees that the marker can now be affixed to health insurance cards and driver’s licences, as is already the case for birth certificates and other (civil status) documents,” Roy said in a statement obtained by CBC News  

“The X marker can now be used by people who request it with the same rules that are already in force with the Civil Registry,” she continued.  

Already, Quebec had allowed its citizens to list their gender as “X” on civil status documents, such as birth certificates.   

Now, the Quebec government has apparently determined that how someone identifies is more important than their true identity, even on official documents. It remains to be seen if the government will allow citizens to “identify” as a different height or eye color on their driver’s licenses.  

The move comes after Quebec appointed Roy as head of the province’s newly formed gender identity committee.  

In recent years, Quebec has becoming woke, apparently choosing to succumb to the demands of the LGBT mob despite its effects on their citizens.  

A recent Radio-Canada – the French arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – documentary highlighted the dangerous effects of embracing the LGBT agenda. The video showed an actress posing as a 14-year-old patient at a private “gender clinic” in Quebec being prescribed testosterone and advised on life-altering mutilating surgeries during a consultation that lasted a meagre nine minutes.  

The documentary is going viral online the same week leaked internal communications show doctors who offer so-called “gender-affirming care” know that transgender hormones cause serious diseases, including cancer.  

However, while the LGBT agenda is being promoted in Quebec, those who speak against it are being severely punished.  

In January, a Montreal doctor was banned from practicing medicine for three months for telling the truth about basic biology regarding a patient’s birth sex after the Quebec College of Physicians disbarred him for what they claimed was him misgendering a biological woman transgender patient who wanted testosterone injections. 

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable push in western nations to actively promote gender ideology to young people, particularly in the United States and Canada. 

Trudeau’s Liberal government is fully on board with the LGBT agenda. Recently, it pledged $100 million in funding for LGBT activist groups, with much of the money focused on youth and on-the-ground initiatives. 

In 2017, the Senate passed a transgender rights bill that adds “gender expression” and “gender identity” to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section.  

Around the same time, federal public servants were forced to take a mandatory feminist “gender equality” course or face unspecified consequences.