MONTREAL, December 15, 2010 ( – The father of a grade 8 student at Monseigneur Parent High School in the Montreal suburb of St-Hubert was so incensed by the sexually explicit school material given to his daughter that he went to the media to bring attention to the situation.

The teacher of the girl’s Grade 8 class gave the students a pamphlet produced by the Toronto-based Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) as part of an HIV prevention campaign, reports Quebec Media Inc. (QMI). The pamphlet provided detailed explanations about how to perform “safe” oral sex and contained a list of vulgar sexual expressions.

Andrew Byette, director of the local school board, defended the teacher’s actions, saying the flyer was marked as appropriate for teens, according to QMI Agency.

However, CATIE official Veronique Destrube said the flyer was designed for 18-year-olds, not 13-year-olds.

“This document should not have been distributed to 13-year-olds,” she said. “I am astonished. It’s not something we would have done. ”

“If these weren’t to be distributed in classes, why did they make them available?” Byette retorted.

Byette added that the father of the girl had not complained to the school. However, QMI reports that the father has said he intends to lodge a formal complaint.

The same school board suspended a teacher at another of its schools last month for handing out a quiz to eighth-grade students that included explicit questions about genitals, anal sex, and lesbianism.

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