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Femen protester Neda Topaloski interrupts a speech by Quebec Culture Minister Helene David on April 30. Femen.org
Steve Weatherbe


Quebec pro-abort bares breasts, grabs headlines at National Assembly

Steve Weatherbe

QUEBEC CITY, May 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) –With stunning predictability, the Femen group of feminists again won headlines and airtime from Canadian news media by baring their bosoms.

This time the risibly-named Femenist Neda Topaloski lied her way into Quebec’s National Assembly precincts with a press pass, then crashed a press conference and bared her bosom to protest the Quebec government’s Bill 20. The bill rations the workload of the province’s doctors in ways some feminist groups have worried might also delay abortions beyond the same-day service currently available in cities.

A month ago, the same protester exposed herself in the House of Commons to protest Bill C-51, which many civil libertarians believe gives Canada’s national security agencies too much power. Two years ago, it was another turn for the National Assembly.

Femen, a European women’s group ostensibly intended to fight religious influence on politics and to advance feminist causes, routinely attracts notice by flashing in front of politicians and Eastern Orthodox bishops and performing sacrilegious acts in St. Peter’s Square.

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Topaloski shouted “Non, a la loi 20” and briefly brandished a T-Shirt carrying the words, “Mon Uterus, Ma Priorité,” which she periodically withdrew to reveal, on her upper torso, the message “priorité IVG.”

Quebec National Assembly security forces said they were tightening up security, but admitted they were used to being less restrictive on members of the news media.

Bill 20 has provoked alarm from feminists and boilerplate responses from the government of Premier Philippe Couillard defending the nearly-sacred right of Quebec women to kill their own unborn babies without limitation, on the taxpayers’ tab.

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