CORNWALL, Ontario, October 18, 2011 ( – The head of the Quebec branch of Campaign Life Coalition submitted a 400-signature petition to Canada’s bishops Monday morning calling for a total reform of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace.

Georges Buscemi, president of Campagne Québec-Vie, delivered the petition to the NavCanada Centre in Cornwall, where the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is meeting for its 2011 plenary assembly.

The petition calls the bishops to “review from top to bottom the mandate and the organisation of D&P, so that D&P may accomplish its task of mercy and justice on behalf of the poor in light of ALL the teachings of the Church, particularly those concerned with the sacred character of human life and procreation.”


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Development & Peace, the Canadian bishops’ official development arm, was caught funding at least two dozen pro-abortion groups beginning in 2009 and has been embroiled in controversy ever since.

Though the bishops initiated a reform with closer oversight, the reform has been called into question after the Archbishop of Ottawa was forced to cancel a talk by one of D&P’s Mexican partners in April because the partner acted against the “right to life.”  D&P defunded the group, called Centre PRODH, after the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico City himself affirmed that the group “has supported pro-abortion groups and promoted the purported woman’s right over her body, against unborn life.”

Despite the funding scandal, D&P has so far refused to release a current list of partners.

An online version of the petition may be found here.

Campagne Québec-Vie’s French language page dedicated to the Development and Peace affair can be found here.