Quebec School Forces Fourth Graders to Write About Oral Sex

By John Jalsevac

  MONTREAL, Quebec, May 18, 2007 ( – As a punishment for teasing a fellow classmate, the principal of a Quebec school required four students to write a ten line essay on oral sex, or “fellatio”. The four students, aged 9, allegedly used references to oral sex when taunting their fellow classmate.

  Three of the students completed the essay, and had them signed by their parents. The parents of the fourth student, however, objected to the exercise, and complained to a newspaper. Their son was given the option of writing about appropriate language in school instead.

  According to the school-board, which is defending the actions of the school’s principal, the students had a history of bullying.

“The four students have been intimidating and harassing another student since the beginning of the year,” said local school board member Nathalie Marceau.

  Andree Lessard, the principal who assigned the sex essay to the students, had already employed various measures to stem the bullying, including meeting with the students’ parents, said Marceau, and decided that it was time for unusual steps to be taken. 

“The school said you said such and such thing—a crude word for fellatio—so write 10 lines on what you meant by this and where you learned such language, and how. All they did was take the same terms and ask them to reflect upon them.”

  Others, including the province’s department of education, however, have a different view of the matter.

“This isn’t part of our education approach,” said Jen-Pascal Bernier, who is a spokesman for Quebec’s Education Minister Michelle Courchesne. “It’s not the most opportune way to proceed.”

“There is a much better way to teach them about teasing than writing about oral sex,” said Brian Rushfeldt, the executive director of the Canadian Family Action Coalition. “If it was my child, I’d definitely be meeting with that principal demanding an apology for what I would deem very inappropriate action.”

  CanWest News Service quoted Sexologist Sylvie Lavallee calling the assignment “ridiculous and stupid”.

“They’re children. It’s just pouring oil on the fire,” said Lavallee. 

  To express concerns contact:
  Education Minister Michelle Courchesne:

  1035, rue De La Chevrotière, 16e étage
  Québec (Québec)
  G1R 5A5

  Telephone : (418) 644-0664

  E-mail: [email protected] 

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