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LGBT flag being thrown off balcony by students at a high school in Quebec, CanadaDubreuilhMarcel / Twitter

PINCOURT, Quebec (LifeSiteNews) — A crowd of students recently protesting the LGBT agenda in a Quebec school tore down and trampled a rainbow “pride” flag. 

Last week, a group of teenagers from the Chêne-Bleu Secondary School in Pincourt, Quebec cheered as one of their fellow students tore down a flag representing the LGBT agenda, supporting the act of defiance by trampling the flag once it was no longer flying. 

A 51-second video clip circulated by Neomedia shows a crowd of over a hundred students protesting on the lower level of the school while their classmate tore the flag off a pole from a balcony above them. The incident took place on May 16, one day before the 2023 International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. 

School officials and media reports have framed the protest as an unfortunate event, with the school’s principal saying she was “disappointed” over the so-called attack on gender confused students. Another LGBT advocate expressed that the number of students rejecting the ideology is only increasing, citing a rise in protests over LGBT indoctrination in Canadian schools. 

Another outlet reported that, on the same day, students from Phare International School put out a petition to have all rainbow flags and posters to be taken down within the building, an attempt which was thwarted by school officials. Some students who protested by tearing down LGBT propaganda themselves were reportedly suspended for their actions. 

The response of the students stands in direct contrast of the nation’s pro-LGBT prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who endorsed the agenda once again in a statement released on May 17. 

“Everyone should be able to be who they are and love who they love, free from discrimination and hate,” Trudeau said, citing “this year’s theme for the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, ‘Together Always: United in Diversity,’” as he called for acceptance of the LGBT ideology. 

“People from the 2SLGBTQI+ [sic] community, particularly transgender [sic] people, are still facing a crisis of targeted violence in Canada and across the globe,” the statement reads. “Canada continues to actively promote 2SLGBTQI+ [sic] human rights on the world stage, and address the ongoing, widespread criminalization, discrimination, and violence faced by these communities.” 

Contrary to school and government officials, president of Quebec Life Coalition (QLC) Georges Buscemi is cautiously optimistic about the student response to LGBT indoctrination in Canadian schools.  

“I am hoping that this is not simply the case of a rebellious student body revolting against whatever the prevailing doxa might be in a given time, with LGBT happening to be today’s prevailing doxa,” Buscemi told LifeSiteNews via email. “I sense and hope that the youth are not consuming the mainstream pro-LGBT narrative but have turned to alternative media.” 

While the student protests “have given me much joy and hope,” Buscemi added that he continues to “hesitate to fully rejoice, because I don’t know really what is happening in the schools and with the kids on the ground, whether their dissent from LGBT dogma is principled or simply a form of youthful rebellion against today’s twisted norm.” 

“The LGBTQI2S+ indoctrination in Quebec schools has been relentless in the past decade and seems to have picked up steam in the last years,” he told LifeSiteNews. “One gets a sense, however, that this movement may have overplayed its hand with the drag queen and related trans phenomena, which has provoked a counter reaction from various sectors, including parents.” 

The witness of the Chêne-Bleu students last week is not the first time that young Canadians have protested the push to embed gender ideology in the public school system. Another act of defiance in response to the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia took place as hundreds of students stayed home last Wednesday because Ontario schools flew the rainbow flag in promotion of the LGBT ideology. 

Last month, a group of students headed a protest of the decision to host a drag event at York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Josh Alexander has become the face of young Canadians pushing back against gender ideology. What began as a simple refusal to condone boys using girls’ bathrooms at school developed into an ongoing campaign against LGBT indoctrination, leaving Alexander facing repercussions for defending the truth. 


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