QUEBEC, December 14, 2010 ( – A pro-family leader in Quebec is warning that parental rights are coming under attack yet again in the province following the government’s announcement last week that they will begin re-offering sex education.

“This decision is profoundly anti-family since it usurps the authority of the parents,” said Georges Buscemi of Campaigne Quebec-Vie.  “This is just another nail in the coffin of the institution of family in Quebec.”

Though sexual themes are covered in certain courses, such as the ethics and religious culture program, the province’s schools had dropped their main sex education component in 2001 when the school system was reconfigured.

But the Ministry of Education confirmed Wednesday that a new sex program is in the works.  “The Ministry of Education is working to create a mandatory formation program.  But we do not yet know what form it will take,” said Dave Leclerc, press secretary for Minister Line Beauchamp, according to Cyberpresse.

Leclerc said they are not planning to create a whole new course, but rather will incorporate the program into existing courses.

On Wednesday, the same day as the Ministry’s announcement, the province’s Commission on Culture and Education submitted a report in the National Assembly calling on the government to implement a mandatory sex education program beginning in the preschool years.

Buscemi expects the course will be “aggressive” and “most probably chock full of homosexualist indoctrination and dubious gender theory,” pointing out that the government launched a major anti-“homophobia” action plan last December designed to normalize homosexuality on the social level.  The plan emphasized the need to target schools and youth.

In fact, pro-family leaders pointed out that this policy represented a direct attack on the traditional view of sexuality, because in the report “homophobia” specifically includes the belief that homosexuality is unnatural or a matter of choice.

“They’ll most probably be teaching in the sex-ed course that homosexual relations are a part of the spectrum of benign choices a person can engage in,” said Buscemi.  “And this is all without the parents having a clue about what is going on in the schools.”

Provincial law allows for exemptions from school programs based on “humanitarian reasons” or to avoid “serious injury” to the child, but the province has refused to allow exemptions where a class violates the family’s religious beliefs.  Notably, they rejected thousands of applications for exemption from the controversial ethics and religious culture course.

“All that sex ed does at an early stage is make kids more likely to engage in sex earlier, by making them think of something they would never have thought of in the first place,” Buscemi added.

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