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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s next federal census appears to be going woke in the latest attack on the traditional family model after Statistics Canada confirmed it will include a first-ever series of new questions relating to “gender diversity” that includes questions about “couple relationships” outside of marriage or even common-law relationships.

According to Statistics Canada, rewriting “family dynamics” will be one of the most prominent changes for the 2026 census.

Of note is that Statistics Canada had previously put in place questions about one’s “sex at birth” and so-called sexual “orientation.” The purpose was to “fill information gaps on gender diverse Canadians,” it said.

The changes were revealed in a report titled “2026 Census of Population Content Consultation Report: What We Heard from Canadians.” The report notes that Statistics Canada is “continually exploring new data sets and assessing their suitability to help supplement or replace content on the Census of Population.”

“Modifications have been made to the format of the household composition and marital status module to include new questions and changes to the response options and question wording to reduce respondent burden, use inclusive language, and better reflect changes in Canada’s social context,” the report reads.

Canadians by law are mandated to participate in the census, which in 2026 will try to rewrite terms relating to “couple relationships,” according to some analysts.

“A new ‘couple relationships’ module was tested qualitatively in 2023 to replace the marital status module,” the report notes.

“This change was made to test response options and capture the increasingly diverse conjugal situations in Canada, to improve terminology around cohabiting unions, to minimize use of legal jargon and identify people who live apart from their spouse or partner.”

While the proposed new questions to be put on the census have not been revealed for now, Statistics Canada plans to test the questions later this year on 198,000 households. Afterward, the agency will give its final recommendations to the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the wording for the census.

Current census data shows that a small number of Canadians, about 0.3 percent or 100,815 people, say they are transgender or non-binary, with about 4 percent of the population being LGBT.

The Trudeau federal government has gone all in on radical transgender ideology, including the so-called “transitioning” of minors, while at the same time introducing laws that on the surface appear to be about helping children.

Under Trudeau, the federal government has given millions of taxpayer money to fund LGBT groups and aggressively push a pro-LGBT agenda.