By Steve Jalsevac

TORONTO, July 12, 2007 ( – Earlier this week a full page, front section ad was published in the National Post stating “Thank you Prime Minister for making the Canadian Human Rights Museum a National Museum”. Notable among the groups attaching their name to the ad were Egale, the nation’s most prominent gay activist group and LEAF, a hard-left feminist organization and major homosexual activist group.

  Small “c” conservative Canadians have been bewildered for some time over the government’s decision to honor the previous Liberal government’s commitment to give a massive $100 million of taxpayers’ money toward this $300 million shrine to the Liberals’ Charter of Rights. In addition, the Post ad was prompted by the Harper government’s April 20 announcement that it would designate the museum as a “national” museum and assume full responsibility for operating costs – possibly $22 million a year – once it opens.

  REAL Women of Canada’s Gwen Landolt, among others, is not happy about all the “left-wing, liberal activists who all bring to the Advisory Council their own special interests and agendas.” She had hoped for some assurances from the federal government that the Advisory Council would be substantially changed to far better represent all Canadians. Landolt wants to be sure that the Museum does not relegate pro-life, pro-family Canadians to the Museum’s “Hall of shame” as is most likely to eventually happen with the current composition of the Advisory Board.

  Landolt told LifeSiteNews in an interview today, that the current makeup of the Advisory Board “means that anyone who is against same-sex marriage, anyone who is pro-life, we’re all going to be in the hall of shame because we’re not recognizing the great advancements in human rights they brought by bringing women abortion and all that stuff.”

  Because of her serious concerns about the museum and the lack of any assuring response from the Harper government, Landolt is publishing a detailed article on the museum in the July/August edition of REAL Women’s Reality magazine.

  The article, which LifeSiteNews presents as a Special Report today, notes that the now deceased founder of the museum project, Izzy Asper, “is quoted as stating…One is going to have to be very, very careful to prevent it from becoming a propaganda device for a particular political point of view.”

  REAL women’s response is, “The fact is that the museum is shaping up to be quite ‘a propaganda device’. The museum will be used as a powerful tool to champion the left-wing interpretation of human rights, such as abortion rights, feminism, homosexual rights, with some legitimate exhibits sprinkled here and there to give the museum an appearance of legitimacy.”

  The Reality article substantiate it’s concerns by providing details on the backgrounds of the 16 “left-wing extremists” who predominate on the museum’s Advisory Council and concludes by asking Canadians to write to the Prime Minister to insist that the Board of the Museum and its Advisory Council be changed to reflect the views of all Canadians.

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