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ORLANDO, Florida (Lifesitenews) – One of the Biden administration’s long-standing attempts to force states to embrace LGBT initiatives has been temporarily halted, says a pro-family lawyer. 

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sought to issue guidance requiring states to allow persons who identify as the opposite sex to play on sports teams of that sex. 

However, a Tennessee judge has granted a preliminary injunction to the twenty U.S. states suing the agencies for this action, stopping the DOE and EEOC in their tracks. 

U.S. District Court Judge Charles Atchley stated that the DOE’s guidance “directly interferes with and threatens plaintiff states’ ability to continue enforcing their state laws that bar trans people from playing on the school sports teams or using the restrooms that match their gender identity.” 

“What these particular guidances did was attempt—by Joe Biden—to literally takeover both the schools as well as other places in the workplace and force the LGBTQ agenda in both,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of the Christian legal firm Liberty Counsel, in an interview with LifeSiteNews’ Jim Hale. 

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Parents' Pledge: We will pull our children out of explicit sex-ed classes
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There are countless reasons to conclude modern sex-education is less about critical thinking and more about indoctrinating and sexualizing children at as young an age as possible.

Consider these 3 questions: 

  • Why are politicians around the world pushing radical transgender theories on children as young as 5? 
  • Why is the World Health Organization calling for 4 year-olds to be taught how to masturbate?
  • Why are children in schools being shown graphic images of sex and told anything goes so long as consent is established, if not to encourage our sons and daughters to become sexually active? 

A sane society would try to shield impressionable children from becoming sexualized, and encourage them not to watch pornography, take puberty blockers or mutilate their genitalia, but our schools increasingly promote these behaviors.

In reality, the media, most politicians, and many education chiefs are obliterating a parent's ability to protect their child's innocence and identity. 

We must realize: these elites want children to have THEIR values, not YOURS. SIGN THE PLEDGE!

The results of this explicit, inappropriate sex-saturated culture and education have been startling: there have never been more children claiming to be transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual, nor have we ever seen such high levels of sexual assaults by minors.

Countless politicians, media personalities and education chiefs are too busy promoting woke trends to realize that sexualizing minors amounts to grooming, and has devastating consequences in many cases.

Children whose inhibitions are broken down risk addiction to pornography, teenage pregnancy, STDs, gender dysphoria, online shaming, and a whole host of other negative outcomes. 

Parents, not the government, must be in control of what their child is taught about sex.

Just listen to the type of materials public schools in the U.S. are promoting: 

That's why we are asking you to sign the Parents' Pledge that you will pull your children out of sex-education classes if your school chooses to sexualize your child.

The Parents' Pledge is our best chance of winning back our children's schools before they're entirely lost to radical sex-obsessed teachers' unions who are foisting these curricula on teachers.

Do you really want other adults deciding what your child is exposed to? Of course not.

Please share this brand new grassroots Parents' Pledge with like-minded parents and join a growing movement of mothers and fathers who are wise to the threat of their child being led into sexual activity.



Most teachers are disturbed by their unions' push to sexualize children

Planned Parenthood tells middle-schoolers about avoiding parental consent for abortion and contraception

The corrupting influence of sex-education is causing widespread abuse among school children 

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“For example, in the context of women’s sports, these [guidances] would allow men to compete in women’s athletics and also have access to their private rooms, such as locker rooms, shower rooms, rest rooms and other private designated facilities,” Staver said.  

And the judge indicated there that this was too much, that it would cause irreparable harm to these states, and it was unlawful.

So that is the good decision that just recently happened from this judge in Tennessee.

Prompted by a Biden executive order on the day he was sworn into office, the DOE and EEOC sought to promote LGBT ideology through a re-interpretation of existing federal rules, such as those pertaining to discrimination under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, and a recent Supreme Court case, Bostock vs. Clayton County 

According to Liberty Counsel’s analysis, the states challenging the agencies for their novel views of the law rejected them on both procedural and substantive grounds.  

Yet Staver said he sees something else underway — a takeover of the Democratic party by an extremist minority no matter what the cost. 

“[The Biden administration has] allowed a very radical fraction of individuals in groups that support the democratic platform to have a voice and they’ve not tried to temper them—they’ve actually encouraged them,” explained Staver. “And it’s that radical fringe that now is the tail that wags the dog that is the Democratic party.” 

Staver continued, saying that this “radical fringe” is “willing to literally destroy the country and destroy anything that’s of common sense and values in order to get their agenda. It is a very destructive agenda.” 

“It’s the most radical abortion agenda that we’ve ever seen. It’s the most radical LGBTQ agenda we’ve ever seen in every area.” said Staver. “And they want to force it on every person.”

Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder