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NEW YORK CITY, November 2w, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-abortion and LGBT activists are pushing New York City's Department of Education to incorporate gender ideology and LGBT issues into curricula for K-12 students. The proposed legislation also requires regular accountability from the City's Education Department regarding school compliance with the state on certain sex education programs for middle and high school students.

“It's time we discuss sex education in an affirming way that includes all the identities that our students may identify with and continue to review and expand on the curriculum as the times change,” said transgender/bisexual-identified man Bryan Ellicott, a former NYC public school student and current LGBTQ activist, in a report from The Brooklyn Reader. “I want our New York City school children to be more knowledgeable and the ability to make better choices than I was, more able to possibly live in their own skin more comfortably.”

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New York City Council member Laurie Cumbo, along with abortion activists with NARAL Pro-Choice New York, Planned Parenthood, and the New York Civil Liberties Union, called Tuesday for New York's Department of Education to “update” its sex education programming to include “age-appropriate” curricula including sexual orientation and gender identity, along with annual reporting on school compliance with state regulations overseeing “comprehensive health education” and HIV/AIDS education for students in sixth through twelfth grade.

Cumbo, chair of the City Council's Committee on Women's Issues, was joined by fellow council members Daniel Dromm and Vanessa Gibson. The threesome introduced three bills to advance the curriculum update.

“As chair of the Committee on Women's Issues, I am calling on the New York City Department of Education to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our children by implementing a comprehensive sex education program for K-12 students citywide,” Cumbo stated. “In order to curb teen pregnancy and sexually-transmitted illnesses or diseases such as HIV/AIDS, we must teach students about themselves, their options, and empower them to make informed decisions and cultivate healthy relationships.”

NYC Public Schools' sex education classes were initially put in place to increase risk awareness for teens engaging in sexual activity, focusing on such things as teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses.

The more “comprehensive” sex education program pushed by the trio of city council members and supported by area pro-abortion activists and LGBT activists covers “developing healthy relationships across different sexual orientations” for K-12 students throughout the city, The Brooklyn Reader report said, and also supports inclusion of LGBT issues in the public school sex education curriculum so as “to meet the physical and mental health needs of our LGBT young people.”

The NYC Department of Education last year implemented new guidelines on transgender students that left the door open to forcing students to use locker and hotel rooms with students of the opposite sex.