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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — Abortion activists have sent a ‘special message’ to the wife and children of a Supreme Court Justice.

Ruth Sent Us, a radical abortion group, mocked concerns about the would-be assassin from California who traveled to Maryland with weapons to kill Justice Kavanaugh.

Oh, what was this ‘weapon’ the ‘California man’ had? If it was a gun or even a knife, police would say so,” Ruth Sent Us tweeted, with a side-eyed emoji, indicating disbelief.

It then appeared to mockingly tweet “thoughts and prayers” at Justice Kavanaugh, after calling him a white supremacist, before targeting his wife and kids.  In this message, they indicated that they know where the judge’s daughters go to school.

A special message for Ashley Kavanaugh and your daughters — this billboard was on your school grounds. We feel for you. .@LeaderMcConnell and the GOP aren’t worried for your safety. They worry only for the expensive Supreme Court they rigged, and their own power. #SCOTUS.

Law enforcement arrested abortion activist Nicholas John Roske on Wednesday morning. The would-be murderer bought a handgun with the intent to break into Kavanaugh’s residence to kill both the Supreme Court Justice and himself. Other items on hand included ammunition, a knife, zip ties, pepper stray, and duct tape.

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The editor-in-chief for The Federalist criticized Ruth Sent Us for promoting violence.

“Pro-abortion group that posts directions to Kavanaugh’s home — man arrested today said he used online map to find it — also targeting his young daughters’ school,” Mollie Hemingway tweeted at Ruth Sent Us. “This escalation and threat against the children must be stopped. Horrific.”

Pro-abortion activists continue to carry out attacks against pregnancy resource centers

Ruth Sent Us has encouraged illegal protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices.

Pregnancy resource centers in North Carolina, New York and D.C. have all been attacked.

A group calling itself Jane’s Revenge firebombed both a pro-life group in Buffalo, New York and the headquarters of Wisconsin Family Action.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has warned of further violence when the decision to reverse Roe v. Wade is released; it claimed that both pro-lifers and pro-abortion activists could be expected to be destructive.

“Given a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court case about abortion rights [sic], individuals who advocate both for and against abortion have, on public forums, encouraged violence, including against government, religious, and reproductive healthcare personnel and facilities, as well as those with opposing ideologies,” the DHS bulletin stated, despite all the violence coming from the pro-abortion side.

Help Brazilian pro-life hero raise his 42 disabled, adopted children: LifeFunder