WINNIPEG, May 21, 2012 ( – Canada’s radio and television regulator, the CRTC, has reprimanded Winnipeg radio station Talk Radio 1290 over remarks made by two program hosts that have been deemed as expressive of “hatred and contempt for homosexuals.”

John Collison, the host of the 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. talk radio slot was already fired by the radio station three weeks ago after leading a campaign against a committee ostensibly set up to eliminate homophobia in city high schools.

The other talk show host being investigated is Gerald Fast, who hosts the 12:00 to 3 p.m.  call-in show.

The CRTC’s investigation is primarily focused on eight complaints made between October and November of 1998, reported the National Post. Among the comments being investigated are a reference to Winnipeg’s homosexual mayor as “a guy who gets his advice from drag queens” and the comment that citizens should “lock up [their] sons for the next few years.”

Whether or not the above comments qualify as constructive comment, many social conservatives oppose the power of the CRTC, which appears to be increasingly used to censor non-politically correct comment. The regulatory body has also long been condemned for its regulatory regime surrounding religous broadcasting. The National Post noted that in this case, the radio station has promised to “immediately implement measures to reduce controversy.”