NEW BRUNSWICK, Jan 27 (LifeSiteNews) – Despite his controversial views on the right to possess kiddie porn, some critics maintain that Robin Sharpe’s image has been sanitized by the mainstream media. Mr. Sharpe is the British Columbian whose fight for the right to possess child pornography reached the Supreme Court with a hearing two weeks ago. The latest issue of Watchdog newsletter, a conservative publication out of New Brunswick, includes a letter to the editor and a clip from a Simon Fraser University (British Columbia) campus newspaper citing Mr. Sharpe. The British Columbian quotes him as saying: “I think that you should be able to possess anything you want that doesn’t constitute a clear danger to others, even if it is images of an eight-year-old being raped and cut up.” The comments were published on October 12 last year, yet interestingly have not been picked up by the mainstream media.

The full article in SFU’s student newspaper, The Peak, can be found here.