Rachel Bohannon


Rape-conceived woman speaks out: ‘I want people to know the joy I have in living’

Rachel Bohannon

October 9, 2012 (Texas Right to Life) - Juda Myers has made it her life’s mission to reach out to women victimized by rape, and to protect unborn babies conceived by rape and incest from the injustice of abortion.

Too often, legislators— and even some pro-lifers—make concessions for abortion in the cases of rape and incest, claiming that the exceptions are compassionate for the women involved. While the trauma of rape cannot be overstated, Juda told Texas Right to Life that such a claim unfairly compares the value of the mother’s life and her baby’s life. “I think they’re equal,” she said.

Juda was conceived when her mother was attacked and raped while walking home alone late at night. Juda was placed for adoption as an infant, and as an adult met her birth mother.

“I want people to know the joy I have in living,” said Juda. “And I want people to know the joy my mother has in living.”

Watch the video to hear the whole story.

Reprinted with permission from Texas Right to Life

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