TORONTO, November 23, 2001 ( – The Howard Stern Show, known for foul language and graphic and degrading sex talk, will have its final Canadian airing in Toronto today. The Toronto Star reports “the self-proclaimed ‘King of All Media’ was dumped after a steady drop in local ratings” – a 50% drop since his high-profile debut on Toronto’s Q107 rock station in 1997.

Q107, owned by Corus Radio, decided to buy out Stern, even though he was under contract until 2003. Interestingly, the Star reports that John P. Hayes – the man who famously fired Stern from New York’s WNBC in 1985 – took over as president of Corus Radio in July, assuming the reins of 52 Canadian stations.

While Stern’s radio program still airs in more than 40 North American markets, his ratings are dropping fast. Stern’s late-night television program was cancelled this month by its syndication company.

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