ROME, October 16, 2013 ( – An Italian commentator is adding to the alarms being sounded in Europe over the threat of a European Union Report on “sexual health and reproductive rights.” The draft document, which is scheduled for a vote October 21st and 22nd, proposes to mandate the “re-education” of doctors and medical students to promote abortion and contraception.

Leone Grotti wrote in today that the EU’s Draft Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights would require member states to “develop and implement educational programs and courses and postgraduate training” on “issues related to sexual health and reproductive rights directed to medical students and health workers.”

Grotti, who has written extensively on the Chinese communist government’s One Child policy, noted the report will also pressure member states to make abortion available to teens without parental consent.


The draft report, a work of the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, is being promoted by the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. It argues for legalizing abortion throughout all 27 EU member states, calling it a “human right.”

The report “will strongly urge, if not oblige Member States to ensure for everyone, even children, abortion, contraception, artificial insemination, mandatory courses in schools on gender identity and against ‘discrimination of persons’… and limitation of conscientious objectors. All in the name of new ‘human rights’,” wrote Grotti.

It says that states must “resort to various methods to reach out to young people, such as advertising, social marketing campaigns [to promote] the use of condoms and other contraceptive methods, and initiatives such as confidential telephone ‘green lines’” that allow young people access to contraception and abortion anonymously and without regard to parents’ wishes,” he added.

The draft report says it “recognizes that health and sexual and reproductive rights constitute an essential element of human dignity that must be taken into account in the broader context of structural discrimination and gender inequalities.” It also “calls on the Member States to protect sexual and reproductive health.”

Based on this premise, Grotti said the draft report all but obliges member states to provide “reproductive choices” including, in the report’s own words, “assisted medical procreation…in a non-discriminatory framework,” to single people, homosexuals, “women without a partner and lesbians.”

Other voices have sounded the alarm over the draft report, saying that it poses a major threat to the conscience rights of health care workers, formally defined and protected in dozens of international legal agreements, in favour of “reproductive rights” that are undefined.

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