By Steve Jalsevac 

OTTAWA, February 20, 2007 ( – Gwen Landolt, a founder of REAL women of Canada, a national social conservative women’s group, has closely followed the advance of the gay activist agenda in Canadian politics since the Trudeau years. In the most recent issue of REALity magazine she presents a detailed history of the Liberal Party’s enthusiastic collusion with this radical, imposed change to Canada’s social order. Also detailed are the specific roles played in this process  by a series of Liberal government justice ministers.

  Landolt begins noting that “Over the past ten years, Canadians have experienced a revolution in regard to the homosexual issue. This revolution, whereby homosexuals, who, according to the 2003 census, consist of approximately one per cent of the population, have acquired enormous power and influence in this country.  These new-found rights of homosexuals have priority over other basic rights, such as freedom of religion, speech, belief etc.”

  She goes on to claim that “The real engine behind the success of the movement was the federal Liberal government, which undertook a cunning and calculated campaign to achieve recognition and rights for homosexuals during the past ten years.  It was a long, insidious but successful campaign, achieved step by step, largely accomplished out of view of the Canadian public.”

  Following these statements Landolt’s article details the history to support her serious charges.

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