By Steve Jalsevac

OTTAWA, July 31, 2009 ( – In its July/August Reality Newsletter, REAL Women of Canada, a pro-family, pro-life national women's group, warns that the massive $300 million Human Rights Museum project in Winnipeg, Manitoba ”is a mess.” REAL Women explains, “the museum has established a biased and duplicitous Content Advisory Committee to determine which displays will be installed in the museum” and that the committee “is mainly comprised of feminist/homosexual activists and their supporters.”

REAL women says that while the Advisory Committee “is supposed to be comprised of “human rights experts, scholars and specialists”, in fact, “11 of the 16 committee members are feminist/homosexual activists.” The Reality article presents the names and a brief synopsis of the background of each of those 11 members.

“It is the same old, same old, left wing activists promoting themselves and their own agenda – even under a Conservative government,” says REAL women.

The women's organization charges that the Advisory Committee “is an insult to the Canadian taxpayer who has already paid $100 million for the construction of the museum and who will be supplying $22 million annually to maintain it.” The Harper Conservative government has honoured the commitment of the previous federal Liberal government to provide that massive amount of taxpayer dollars to the museum which was conceived by the late Canwest Corporation founder and Liberal Party supporter Izzy Asper.

The Reality article warns Canadians about the radical and dangerous real purpose of the Content Advisory Committee as it is now composed:

Clearly, it is to serve as a propaganda device to promote and affirm feminist/homosexual ideology and a left-wing interpretation of human rights as “progress” in Canada. Such “progress” would include abortion on demand, lesbian/homosexual rights and benefits, pay equity, affirmative action and the denigration of men whom feminists regard as dangerous because of the “patriarchal” society. Feminist “human rights” breakthroughs in family law, in regard to custody and access and in sexual assault, pursuant to which men have been severely undermined, will also undoubtedly be included in the museum displays.

The Committee is however giving Canadians some opportunity for input into the museum's development and has already begun a series of public consultations across the country that began on May 21 and which will continue until January 2010. The dates and locations of those consultations are listed in the Reality article.

Pro-life and pro-family Canadians are being strongly encouraged by REAL Women to take part in the consultations to ensure that a wider diversity of human rights concerns are included “in this publicly funded, multi-million dollar ongoing endeavor.”

REAL Women itself, in a half hour private consultation with some members of the Advisory Committee on June 11, listed three areas that it stressed should be included in the museum displays:

  1. the rights of the unborn,
  2. the rights of non-conformist family-oriented women and girls who don’t adhere to radical
    feminist ideologies,
  3. the rights of men who have been marginalized while feminist special interest groups have
    taken center stage in Canadian policy.

Unfortunately, the REAL women recommendations were ignored and not included in the public plenary summation of human rights concerns at the public consultation later that day.

See the full Reality article, The Canadian Museum For Human Rights is a Mess

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