OTTAWA, Dec 15 ( – On Monday REAL Women of Canada called for an end to the Canadian government’s Federal Status of Women, noting that the “antiquated agency, with an annual appropriation of about 18 million dollars, has become a tool to ridicule and silence women who do not support its propagation of the radical feminist/lesbian ideology, and the infiltration and forcing of this biased viewpoint on the national agenda.” 

Referring to a meeting of the group in Alymer Quebec last week, one attendee from REAL Women reported that the radical feminists ridiculed, jeered, and shouted at an attending panel of Cabinet Ministers. A press release from REAL Women also noted the discrimination heaped upon the REAL Women attendee (see Monday’s LifeSite News) and former president, Cecilia Forsyth. 

“The Status of Women is a tax-funded public agency which has become the tool of unrepresentative women to marginalize the majority of women. Consequently, the Status of Women, which condones and supports the intolerance, discrimination and abuse by these radical women, must be abolished, since its existence has become a travesty,” concluded REAL Women. 

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