By John-Henry Westen

MONTREAL, March 20, 2006 ( – In late January, a 30 member parliamentary commission of the French National Assembly published a 453 page Report on the Family and the rights of Children, which rejected same-sex marriage. (Original coverage: ) That report, available only in French has been carefully examined by Louis DeSerres the bilingual national co-ordinator of ‘Preserve Marriage – Protect Children’s Rights’ ( )Âwho has produced an English-language two page executive summary of the reasons behind the report’s rejection of homosexual ‘marriage’.

DeSerres, told “Referring to the rights of children as a human rights issue, the report argued that children ‘now have rights and to systematically give preference to adult aspirations over respect for these rights is not possible any more.'”

In the report, the commission says that “the child represents the future of society.” The commission asks legislators to make sure that “children, confronted with mutations in family models, be fully taken into account and not suffer from situations imposed upon them by adults.” It adds: “The interest of the child must take precedence over adults’ exercise of their freedom (…) including with regards to parents’ lifestyle choices.”

The report also stresses that marriage; adoption and medically assisted reproduction are inseparable. The report thus, rules out homosexual adoption, and medically assisted reproduction for homosexual couples.

“Based on the best interests of the child,” DeSerres told, “our Canadian Parliament must re-evaluate the definition of marriage in light of these new developments.” The Montréal based national movement has invited Members of Parliament from all parties to reconsider the definition of marriage by giving priority to the rights of the child, as France has done.

See the 2-page summary of the French report in English:

See the 2-page summary in French:

See a 32 page English list of the proposals

See the full report in French here: