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(LifeSiteNews) – We are more than halfway through our summer campaign, and we really need your support. With Roe v. Wade now overturned, we face a momentous time in history, when pro-life news reporting will be needed more than ever before. I wish we could say we are more than halfway to our goal, but we are not yet anywhere near that.

We have just 6 days left to raise the remaining 80% of our $500,000 summer fundraising goal, which is a steep climb, the toughest climb we have had in the past number of years. The total of donations received to date is only $98,000. But we trust that the end goal can still be reached, as you always do for us.

We just discovered there has been a serious technical issue that likely accounts for the unusually poor donations during the first week of the campaign. We have been told that the error has been fixed!

A security warning page that LifeSite donors were met with after clicking on our Donate link was the result of an error in the system of one of our donation processing companies. Naturally, several hundred people who saw that error did not follow through with a donation.

Now that this issue is said to have been corrected, we are hoping for a slew of catch-up donations to make up for those that could not be processed last week.

We have faith in our good supporters to come through on this as you always do.

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I know times are tough, but every little bit helps! Please make whatever donation, small or large, that your personal finances permit. And in return, we promise to continue to bring you the very best, most reliable and amazing news on life, family, culture and freedom on the Internet.

If you’ve been blessed by the news you receive at LifeSite, send your support today. Our staff of almost 70 members now work tirelessly to provide you with the news articles and videos that keep you up to date on the most pressing issues of our day: those affecting your family, your children, your grandchildren, your nation and the world.

The articles LifeSite has been publishing in recent months have been at a level of quality and importance far exceeding even those we have published in the past. And the value of our reporting has massively increased because censorship, lying, and distortion of critical news developments has gone through the roof.

Finding the truth today has become almost impossible because of the never-before-in-history local, nation and international control of information we are seeing – but finding the truth is NOT difficult for those who read LifeSite.

As we celebrate 25 years, I am deeply humbled that supporters are rising to the occasion during hard and confusing times like this. We are thankful for those who have enabled us to continue our mission to be a beacon of light in a dimly lit world, but today we need everyone’s help this time around to reach our goal.

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Your support today will ensure that stories that the mainstream media skews and slants will get fair coverage from a Christian, pro-life, pro-family, and freedom-loving worldview. We guarantee that with help from our supporters, we will continue to effectively fight for the truth. That is the most important thing to us and to you.

You have our word that we’ll continue giving you our very best pro-life journalism that you can’t find anywhere else.

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