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(LifeSiteNews) – We have just 7 days left to raise the remaining 87% of our $650,000 Spring fundraising goal and we need your help.  

I am sure you realize that extraordinary circumstances in the world today require that our mission continue at a fully operational level through the next quarter. So, I am hoping you will help us reach our goal today with the most generous donation you can offer.  

With the lifting of many mandates, we can once again put boots on the ground when critical stories that could shape the future of our culture happen around the globe. We were able to send reporters on the ground in Ottawa when the Freedom Convoy held their protest for weeks. Then, just two weeks later we sent our team to the Ukraine/Poland border to report on the humanitarian crisis, and get the truth on what is really going on.

Mainstream media has both ignored and twisted these inspiring developments as best they can. When they did publish reports on the trucker convoy, in Canada at least, a majority tended to almost entirely mimic the sickening Canadian federal, provincial and city government narratives that were full of lies almost every day. The numerous alternative media outlets, such as LifeSite, made a massive difference and allowed Canadians and the world to see the true Convoy 2022. 

It was said that Canada has never experienced such a massive degree of international attention ever before because of the dramatically inspiring Convoy 2022 that gave hope to millions around the world who have suffered from the two years of COVID restrictions that felt like two years of war occupation.  

We were incredibly delighted to publish hundreds of news articles and video reports related to this crucial development. Especially inspiring were the reports on site in Ottawa and from other locations where truckers and supporters gathered. Readers loved these reports. 

Our supporters were also responsible for allowing us to travel to Ukraine when war broke out. We felt it necessary to get eyes and ears on how these developments were affecting the issues we care about most: life, faith, family, and freedom.  

With millions of people depending on us for their daily source of news, we need you to join us with a gift of support to ensure that people continue to have access to an alternative, traditional news source that does true investigative reporting and gives high priority to accuracy and ethics. 

Do you believe in this work enough to ensure our mission can continue? 

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Your donation will spread truth, defeat lies, and save lives. A gift today will ensure that you and many others continue to have access to a trustworthy and truthful news source to turn to.  

The connection between life, faith, family and freedom is so clear, but no one else is connecting the dots like we are. That is essential for understanding the causes and solutions to the trends of today that are deeply affecting everyone’s lives.  

To take the culture of death head on, we have increased our team to 65 and still growing full and part-time staff in order to be able to cover the dramatic increase in major news developments on our issues. But there is still so much more that can be done.  

We have a variety of projects on our platform in an effort to reach as many people as we can with the truth, and build a community of support for the praiseworthy efforts of life, faith, and freedom advocates.  

Your support today can help us reach more people in a variety of ways.  

  • – Our advocacy arm. This platform has been a complex, cutting edge pro-life petition impact-maker for years.  It has been used by millions of pro-life grassroots activists to create pro-life and pro-family change on the ground.  
  • – Our educational arm. This is for readers who need a place to find accurate information and research on abortion, vaccines, and other related pro-life issues.  
  • – Our crowdfunding arm. From what happened to the truckers, we have seen there is a serious need for an alternative, non-censoring crowdfunding platform. LifeFunder has dramatically expanded the number of campaigns over the past several months. We’ve raised millions to date for dozens of causes around the world and have just launched a dramatically improved website 
  • LSNtv – Our video broadcasting arm. As news consumption has shifted to video over the years, our news team has worked diligently to grow our video efforts and create groundbreaking, higher quality content. Our news studio is the home to our talented video team, which has greatly expanded over the last year. The video team has become vital for doing on-the-ground reporting and compiling video news stories for our subscribers. 

As a reader-supported news outlet, we need your help to keep our mission to reach as many people with the truth going.  

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So many people are searching for the truth and a trustworthy news source that they can rely on.  A donation today will give you continued access to a news source that you can trust and ensure that our platform stays online and accessible to you and the millions or people who come to our website every day.  

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Your support has the power to generate cultural change for the protection and promotion of life and family. 

Every single donation we receive inspires us to work harder to spread the beautiful truth of the Gospel of Life to as many people as possible! 

Thank you for whatever degree of support, through your donations and/or prayers, that you can give to our life-saving mission.