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We need your help right now to reach our campaign goal by December 21st

This is an urgent message. With just 8 days left before our Christmas campaign ends, we still have $225,850 left to raise – or 75% of our absolute minimum goal. The donations we receive during this end-of-year campaign cover just the basic operating costs of our complex, growing international news organization with over 30 staff members. 

Today, I must humbly challenge you to make the most generous donation you can to help us continue to reach millions around the world with our unique journalism!

You can also donate by phone or mail.

I am confident we can reach our minimum goal in the next 8 days if you, and all of our readers, pitch in whatever they can. But we have such a long way to go! 

I am continually amazed at the response to our campaigns each year. Witnessing thousands of our readers fund our mission is a sure sign that the movement to continue fighting for life, faith and family is very much alive. 

We are always encouraged by this – and as a reader of our news you should be too! Will you make a donation today? 

Millions of readers around the world come to our site every week to find the truth. They want the stories that mainstream media ignores, and they want to better understand how to discuss these stories within their spheres of influence. They are the culture-changers. And because of the LifeSite giving family, we are independent and thus able to provide a news service they know they can trust. 

This is YOUR opportunity to make possible professional news coverage for the sake of the unborn, marriage, faith, and freedom, which is an increasingly difficult task! 
Without your support, we cannot reach as many culture-changers as we need to transform our culture. But together, we can make great strides. Will you join us with a gift today? 

Your donation in these last few days of our end-of-year Fundraiser will enable us to: 
• Provide real-time, in-depth, on-the-ground coverage at the Washington D.C., San Francisco, Ottawa, Rome, and other international marches for life, which are often ignored by other media.
• Maintain our growing archive of 75,000+ news articles from the last 21 years, publish 12-25 new stories each day, and successfully reach hundreds of thousands with our daily news.
• Spend hours, sometimes even days, interviewing various officials, experts, and spokespeople to find the truth behind some of the most important events happening around the world.
• Provide insight into how pro-life and pro-family leaders are responding to the greatest issues of our time, and highlighting the great work they are doing each day to defend life, marriage, and faith.
• Bring dozens of pro-life leaders and clergy from around the world together for the annual Rome Life Forum to build an international life and family coalition to counteract global secularism.
• Share the powerful and life-changing stories of courageous men and women who are building the Culture of Life, oftentimes at great sacrifice to themselves or their families. 


At LifeSite our goal is to create a movement of millions of well-informed pro-life and pro-family advocates around the world. We strive to equip them with the knowledge and the support they need to push back, stand strong in their beliefs, and CHANGE THE CULTURE. 

I know you support this goal, and that’s why I feel confident asking for your help today. 

With only 8 days left in our Christmas campaign, we still have a steep $245,850 left to raise. Please help today with the most generous donation that your circumstances will permit. 

To put it simply: if each person who reads this email donated whatever they could (even just $10) we would easily surpass the goal! That’s all it would take! 
If you are not able to donate, do your part to support this work with prayer. Pray that we are funded to continue this work, that God gives us direction in it daily, and that we may spread the truth to the ends of the earth. 

Thank you for following our news this year. Our readers trust us to inform them of the truth each day, and this trust is something we greatly value. With your help, we can further influence the world for good through the power of the media next year.