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We started our Fall fundraising campaign with some truly encouraging momentum. In the past few days, however, that momentum has begun to slow down, and now, with just under a week left in our campaign, we still have just under $125,000 to raise if we are going to reach our minimum goal of $200,000!

I’m not worried, since whenever we have faced similar situations in the past, our readers have always responded! However, we urgently need as many people as possible to respond today to bring our goal within striking distance.

Remember, this goal is only the very minimum amount needed to cover our basic operating expenses for the next quarter.

Please, donate whatever you can today!

Our quarterly campaigns are always both humbling and inspiring: humbling, in that they show us how completely we depend on the generosity of thousands of readers like you for everything we need to keep our doors open; and inspiring, in that for 18 years our readers have never, ever let us down.

Every campaign we receive hundreds of comments from readers who encourage us and assure us of the great importance of the work we do each day to build a true Culture of Life.

We hope this small sampling below will help you to recognize the vital role LifeSite is playing in effort to defend the weakest and most defenseless among us – the unborn – as well as the natural family and religious freedom:


  • No organization is more efficient, more effective, or more influential in the cause for LIFE than LifeSite News in my opinion — your ability to get crucial information out quickly and accurately is a powerful force, and it is having a tremendous impact on hearts and minds. Keep up the wonderful work — and may God continue to bless you and your efforts! ~ Susan, Ohio USA
  • Dear LifeSite News Staff: Greatly appreciate all your hard work and comprehensive coverage of life and family news and issues that impact all of us. LifeSite News is my number one source of daily journalistic news and information. Thank you so much!         ~ Helena, Ontario Canada
  • So very glad and thankful that you are there with us every day in this battle on so many fronts. It is a time of great troubles and I am most grateful that you are keeping us informed the way you do. May Our Holy Mother keep us on the right track. ~ Ruth, Massachusetts USA
  • In this culture war we need as many pro-life voices as we can. This is one of the reasons I support what you are doing. People have become way too complacent and need to be reminded that there IS an alternative to the culture of death. Keep up the good work. ~James, Alberta Canada
  • Most mainstream media is biased on pro-life and pro-traditional family issues. Thank you Lifesite News for reporting the news on these social issues from a traditional Catholic Christian perspective. Keep on being a light to the world. ~ Jose, Texas USA

With 4-5 million (sometimes up to 7 million) people reading LifeSiteNews every month, we only need a tiny fraction of our readers to donate even as little as $10 to reach our goal! Truly, every little bit helps when so many can chip in to keep our news service operational.

We are also appreciative of those who can give larger amounts, as those donations are needed to bring us to our goal. 

Can you donate $10, $25, $50, or maybe even $100 or more today to help us reach our goal?