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NAPLES, Florida (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-lifers will gather in Naples, Florida for a conference and leadership retreat from March 29 to 30.

The event, the 1st Annual Naples Pro-Life Summit, includes excursions and community service opportunities and will showcase national and local causes.

“Speakers and attendees will be invited to strategize, energize, and be inspired as we seek to build a culture that respects the dignity of human life,” said Naples-based Father Michael Orsi, host of Action for Life TV. “This Naples Summit is going to be a huge opportunity as we look at national strategy along with our incredible local resources for defending life.”

Topics of discussion will range from mail-order and over-the-counter abortion pills to abortion tourism and sidewalk advocacy.

The Naples Summit will also include excursions, team-building exercises, networking, and a community service project at a Naples maternity home. There will also be a pro-life pep rally for students at Ave Maria University, plus a lunch and conference.

Participating organizations include Action for Life, Leadership Institute, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Thomas More Society, Heroic Media, Choose Life Marketing, Naples-based Sunlight Home, Community Pregnancy Clinics, and other national and local organizations.

“Organizing this Summit has not been without challenges,” said organizer Royce Hood. “For example, the first venue we were working with canceled on us because they thought our event was a ‘wild-life summit’ and not a ‘pro-life summit.'”

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