“Reject Papacy of Benedict XVI” say Feminists Calling for Female Priesthood

OTTAWA, July 12, 2005 ( - Rosemary Radford Ruether, a professor of Feminist Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley California, has announced that for feminists and so-called ‘liberal’ Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI does not represent them as head of the Catholic Church. She says in a media release from an organization called, “Women’s Ordination Worldwide” that the Pope “is not our Pope.”

Rosemary Radford RuetherThis announcement might come as a surprise to some Catholics who know that Radford Ruether long ago renounced her affiliation with the Catholic Church. Her claim, therefore, to have the personal authority to depose the 265th successor of St. Peter the Apostle, might have some high-level Catholic theologians puzzled.

Not that such a revelation would trouble Radford Ruether who has long supported not only women’s ordination, but has spent years calling for the Church to lift her bans on homosexual deviancy, abortion, sterilization, contraception, divorce – the full roster of the sexual revolution’s demands.

Radford Ruether, notwithstanding that no major religion in the world accepts sexual deviancy as normal, continues to insist – as do most ‘liberal Catholics’– that the Pope and the Cardinals invent Catholic doctrine according to a sinister agenda of “oppression.” Radford Ruether’s career has been spent attacking the Catholic Church on behalf of the feminist and liberal movement. Her bizarre religious ideas are well documented in Donna Steichen’s seminal 1991 book, “Ungodly Rage: the Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism,” that exposes the pagan and Marxist nature of most of the feminist Catholic movement.

Radford Ruether will be the keynote speaker at the WOW Conference to be held at Carleton University, Ottawa from July 22- 24. That tells the public a lot about the conference.

While the world awaits the response of Rome to this scathing condemnation, the women and their supporters at the convention in Ottawa might be interested in a decision made by the Church of England to allow the ordination of female bishops. After announcements from traditionally Christian Anglican bishops that a decision to allow the ordination of women to the English episcopate would result in their leaving for the Roman Catholic mother-church, the synod of the Church of England could not, apparently, resist the temptation. The Anglican bishops are known to be among the world’s most liberal interpreters of what it means to be Christian and have been admitting women to their ministry for years.

The move on the part of the House of Bishops, the senior authority in the Church of England is likely to cause a rift worse than that of the decision to ordain female clergy. In February, the House of the Laity voted against more liberalizing of church structures and called for a more sound instruction in Christian doctrine.

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