SASKATOON, Aug 27 (LSN) – As the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (HRC) hears a case brought by homosexual activists against a newspaper that published an ad quoting the Bible on homosexuality, religious freedom faces another challenge in Canada. Lyle Sinkewicz, owner of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, which printed the ad, was asked by Commission lawyer Darien Moore what he would have done if presented with an ad against aboriginals. When Sinkewicz said he would not publish it because it would be racist, the Commission lawyer claimed: “I find it quite amazing that he would publish the ad with a gay person when they are equally protected [under the provincial human rights code].”  Peter Stock of Canada Family Action Coalition told LifeSite that a favourable decision for traditional values is unlikely since the Commission is full of “anti-religious bigots.” Stock warned that since a decision against the Bible would set precedents, the ruling will endanger freedom of religious speech and expression. “We are moving away from democracy to tyranny,” Stock added.  Despite the power of the HRC to make pronouncements of discrimination and set fines, its powers are limited. Refusal to pay the fines must move the case to the real courts where a greater semblance of justice must be observed.  Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish leaders made presentations at the hearings calling for freedom of religious expression.  For background on this case see LifeSite’s story:   For a report from the StarPhoenix go to: