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COVID protocol protesters outside Trinity Health Hospital, Grand Rapids, MITeresa Cichewicz

(LifeSiteNews) — Medical freedom activists protested outside three Michigan hospitals this past Sunday to draw attention to the fatal effects Remdesivir had on their loved ones.

Remdesivir was controversially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for persons who contracted COVID-19. It has since been given the green light for infants, a move that is opposed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense due to its 72 percent adverse reaction rate. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the drug’s leading proponent, citing its alleged benefits in fighting Ebola.

However, as pointed out by multiple health professionals over the past several years, Remdesivir actually had a mortality rate of over 50 percent in Ebola trials, causing it to be discontinued. Dr. Bryan Ardis of the Truth for Health Foundation told LifeSite in 2021 that Fauci “flat out was lying to the American public” about Remdesivir’s efficacy, as he would have known about its harmful effects.

Teresa Cichewicz helped organize the protests Sunday, which took place outside Trinity Health in Grand Rapids, Henry Ford Hospital in Clinton Township, and Beaumont Hospital near Detroit. She told LifeSite that several sympathetic nurses came outside to speak to them, and that they agreed the protocols were killing patients.

Cichewicz serves as the Michigan secretary of the national FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation. The organization recently launched the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project to shine a light on “crimes against humanity.” Over 1,000 cases of avoidable hospital deaths have been reported on their website. Cichewicz told LifeSite via email that her dad died after receiving an unauthorized dose of Remdesivir:

My father was always against the vaccines and hospital protocols. He did not want us to admit him when he acquired COVID. However, when his oxygen level fell, we needed to go. It wasn’t until after his death that I was provided information in his medical reports that showed he was given Remdesivir against our wishes. His kidneys and other organs were shutting down as a result, and within four days they had killed him. He was only admitted for needing oxygen but they gave him Remdesivir and was dead within days. To date, hospitals are still using only this protocol. It is still killing people every day.

During the pandemic, hospitals were financially incentivized by the U.S. government with a 20 percent reimbursement bonus to administer Remdesivir. They also obtained money for classifying deaths as being due to COVID-19. Critics allege that the policies enticed medical professionals to use ineffective treatments so to kill patients as a way to unethically boost profits.

FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation recently launched a billboard campaign across Michigan. Its aim is to encourage person’s whose family members died due to COVID protocols to come forward. If you are comfortable reaching out, call (616) 710-1103 or visit the group’s website here. They are also seeking to file a class action wrongful death lawsuit.

Data obtained from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) shows nearly 26 percent of patients that were prescribed Remdesivir died, primarily due to multiple organ failure.

“We don’t know any positive effect of this drug, we only know toxic effects,” Wolfgang Wodarg, a physician, politician, and former head of the public health department in Flensburg, Germany, told LifeSite in 2021.

In comparison, the fatality rate of COVID patients prescribed Ivermectin was just 7.2 percent. A whopping 76 percent of COVID patients under the age of 65 that were put on ventilators died. Over a million adverse reactions to the COVID shot have been filed on the U.S. government’s self-reporting database to date.