The Bronx, NY, June 13, 2012 ( — An ambulance transported a patient to the hospital from Dr. Emily’s Health Center abortion clinic in the Bronx, New York, yesterday morning as pro-life activists photographed the incident. Witnesses, who wish to remain unnamed, told the pro-life organization Operation Rescue that the victim was carried out of the clinic on a covered stretcher to the awaiting ambulance.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said he was unsurprised that the abortion clinic would have landed one of its clients in hospital, pointing out that it has a history of flouting the law and accepted medical standards.

“Late last year, we were involved in an undercover investigation at this same facility where illegal dumping was taking place,” Newman said. “From the sloppy way Dr. Emily’s was handling its trash and patient records, we suspected dangerous abortion practices as well.”



In January, 2012, complaints were filed by Operation Rescue against Dr. Emily’s and its abortionist, Brian E. Park, for numerous violations including the illegal dumping of infectious waste and private patient information after pro-life activists discovered trash piled on the public sidewalk and spilling out of an unsecured dumpster. The trash was in black unmarked plastic bags. When the activists opened the bags, they were shocked by the contents.

The bags contained bloody human tissue remains from abortions and other bloody refuse; documents and other materials that contained patient names, and other identifying information along with information about medical procedures done on the patients, and; drug-related paraphernalia including drug vials, syringes, and used needles.

Newman said that the illegal dumping case has been “swept under the rug” after someone tipped off the abortion facility that someone had been in their trash, which allowed the facility to clean up the dumpster before the Sanitation Department had a chance to get a look.

“Bloody evidence in possession of pro-life activists that was supposed to be picked up by the Sanitation Department was never collected. It is appalling that this public health threat was not taken more seriously,” said Newman.

“We were told that Dr. Emily’s is a repeat offender, which should have made the consequences of further violations more severe. Instead, the authorities did nothing. We can’t help but think that if action had been taken on the dumping complaints, perhaps the woman injured yesterday somehow might have been spared.”

Over the years Operation Rescue has documented numerous examples of shoddy medical practices at abortion facilities across the country.