LANSING, MICHIGAN, March 16, 2012, ( – Lax regulation and scant oversight have turned Michigan’s abortion clinics into a haven for unsanitary, illegal and sometimes deadly practices, according to a report submitted to a state senate subcommittee on Thursday.

Right to Life of Michigan compiled the report from documents acquired through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

The violations researchers found include unsanitary conditions, refusing to allow emergency health providers to help victims of botched abortions, illegal disposal of aborted babies, falsifying medical records to make aborted babies seem to be pre-viability, and many others. Twice in 10 years, state abortion clinics refused to notify the state about patients who died during an abortion.

“Our report reveals that women’s health and welfare are needlessly being put at risk,” said Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing. “We have heard numerous stories about the deplorable conditions that persist in Michigan abortion clinics. This blatant disregard for women’s safety due to a lack of proper government oversight must stop.”

Prominent in the document is Abraham Alberto Hodari, whose multiple abortion clinics were tied to four deaths statewide.

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Mike Pemble, director of the state Bureau of Health Systems, said since only four of the state’s 32 abortion clinics are licensed, he cannot oversee the vast majority of such facilities.

Listing said with the new Republican governor, Rick Snyder, “we expect the worst of the abortion clinics to face closure.”

Michigan RTL presented the report to a state senate subcommittee on Thursday.

State Sen. Mark Jansen, R-Grand Rapids, said he may push for more funding to increase state inspections of abortion clinics.

You can read the full 51-page report here.