EDMONTON, June 24, 2003 ( – Alberta Report newsmagazine which later became known as Report and finally Citizen Centre’s Report, has ceased publication.  The magazine, founded by Ted and Virginia Byfield, was legend in Canada as the sole mainstream secular publication with a social conservative outlook.  Social conservatives will miss the glossy, front-page and coverage of news from a pro-life and pro-family perspective. Link Byfield, who took over the magazine from his father, told LifeSite today that “especially for pro-life people it is a blow, I think we had a very useful function.  So that’s a shame.”“But,” he said, “they have an awful lot of new media they didn’t have like LifeSite News, it’s not as thought they lost access to information.”“This was a tough decision,” said Byfield. “Our family feels a tremendous gratitude to those many subscribers who have enabled The Report to get its message out for the past three decades.”  He added, “There are also financial considerations. Although The Report magazine is thirty years old, it has not been profitable over time.”  The Byfields and their staff will continue working at their Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy.  The Centre, an advocacy and education group, will focus on empowering citizens to tackle the undemocratic centralization of power in the hands of the prime minister and the courts through direct democracy, referenda and other initiatives.  Initially the Centre will focus on Alberta and Western provinces.  Interim editor Paul Tuns told LifeSite “The Left is doing cart-wheels, giddy that the proudly redneck publication has been silenced.”  He said “it is a sad day for Canadian conservatives who have lost their last magazine.” Adding that, “People hungry for moral and social conservative news and commentary in dead tree form (on paper), subscribe to The Interim, Canada’s life and family newspaper, edited by none other than yours truly. We cover abortion, euthanasia, the gay-rights agenda, feminism, educational choice, judicial activism and religious freedom, among other issues.”