HOUSTON, February 13, 2013, ( – Houston media are reporting that law enforcement officials have found the body of a baby who died when his mother performed a self-abortion at home. The baby was reportedly found in a trash can in a house.

The 29-year-old mother could have lost her own life from taking pills in the process, authorities say.

“Performing an abortion on yourself – you can die,” Sgt. James Racus of the Houston Police Department told local media.


The woman, who had been 20 to 25 weeks along at the time, was bleeding profusely when she arrived at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.

Houston police spent the afternoon attempting to locate the missing baby's body.

Detectives told the Houston Chronicle that the woman, who may be in the country illegally, had identified a number of locations where the procedure allegedly took place. 

Authorities said charges may be filed if the baby was born alive before its death.

A number of women have died from chemical abortions around the world, making the safety of the woman one of the key arguments against the practice of “tele-med abortion.” In many states, a doctor need not be present to prescribe an abortifacient, such as RU-486, despite the potential medical complications that could arise.

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In a similar case in late 2011, a 20-year-old New York woman disposed of her aborted child, complete with umbilical cord, in a dumpster. Authorities later dropped charges against her.

The pro-abortion website RH Reality Check defended the process of self-abortion in late 2011. Facebook also apologized for removing instructions for self-abortion from its website.