OTTAWA, June 5, 2003 ( – With the first hour of debate on hate crimes bill C-250 set to take place Friday, one amendment to the bill has already been placed on the Notice Paper.  While this is the only amendment identified thus far, Parliament Hill sources told LifeSite that more amendments are expected.  Liberal MP Derek Lee (Scarborough-Rouge River) has submitted an amendment seeking to protect freedom of religion.  The amendment seeks to protect religious expression or expression of “opinion based on a belief in a religious text.”  See the amendment online at: (scroll to bottom)  See related LifeSite coverage:  CANADIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST ADDING ‘SEXUAL ORIENTATION’ TO HATE CRIME LAW FOCUS ON THE FAMILY ADDRESSES COMMITTEE ON HATE CRIMES LEGISLATION MP WARNS NEW HATE CRIMES BILL WOULD THREATEN RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONFERENCE ASKS GOVERNMENT TO SCRAP HOMOSEXUAL HATE CRIMES BILL