DENTON, TX, July 3, 2001 ( – Life Dynamics, a pro-life organization based in Denton Texas, released a detailed report indicating why it believes James Kopp has been framed by the FBI as the killer of Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian. The report, “The United States of America vs. James Charles Kopp, A Conclusion in Search of its Evidence”, confirms pro-life suspicions about the investigation against Kopp since charges were first laid. A Dec. 1998 LifeSite Special Report indicated that Kopp was a very unlikely personality to have taken such violent action and could not have possessed the professional skills required to carry out the Slepian murder.

In its July 2 press release Life Dynamics states “FBI agents may have manufactured the case against Kopp, planted evidence and given false testimony to a New York grand jury.” The report notes that a first sweep of the crime scene by the FBI turned up nothing related to Kopp, but an additional sweep nearly two weeks later – and after the FBI confiscated Kopp’s personal belongings – found a plastic bag buried at the crime scene containing an empty ammunition box along with some of Kopp’s personal belongings. The report asks “Why would Kopp take off his watch, ear muffs, fanny pack, and cap, then throw them in a hole on top of a trowel along with his flashlight and binoculars? . Even if you ignore the fact that it would have been counterproductive and pathetically stupid for Kopp to bury an assortment of his personal belongings at the scene of the crime, you’re still left with one seemingly unanswerable question. How does a man who just shot someone in the middle of the night in a quiet residential up-scale neighborhood, have time – before the police arrive, and even if you assume that he pre-dug the hole – to fill the hole and camouflage it so well that a team of professional investigators from the APD and the FBI don’t discover it for thirteen days?”

LD questions why the photo most used by the FBI and the media is a mug shot taken following a pro-life “rescue” at which Kopp had been physically assaulted and maced by police. It also shows him without his extremely thick eyeglasses and looks almost nothing like the person being sought. The FBI had other photos, and on their website they displayed two others that far more accurately depicted Kopp. LD concludes that “the FBI wasn’t using this photo in an effort to catch Kopp and the media wasn’t interested in accuracy. Both used it for one reason and one reason only: it projected an image of Kopp they wanted the public to have.”

Life Dynamics was the organization that first brought to public attention the large trade in aborted baby body parts. It is known for its aggressive research and public exposure of previously unknown information on abortion-related issues. Regarding the Kopp report, LD states “our goal is not to defend Jim Kopp. Nor did we set out to prove that he is innocent. At Life Dynamics, we accepted early on that we may never know the answer to that question.”

The serious questions about the FBI’s handling of the Slepian murder appear to have strong parallels to other non-abortion related incidents that have occurred during the Clinton presidency years, such as the Flight 800 explosion and the Oklahoma City bombing.

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