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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Global News reporter David Akin attested to the Liberal media’s hypocrisy and blatant disregard for truth when he heckled Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre during his first press conference as the leader of the opposition.

Akin interrupted Poilievre’s statement on inflation Tuesday by talking over him and asking questions throughout his speech, despite Poilievre saying multiple times that he was being heckled and that he was going to begin his remarks.

“We have, basically, a Liberal heckler who has snuck in here today,” Poilievre finally said as Akin continued to talk over him.

“I’m a Liberal heckler?” Akin responded. “I’m David Akin and I work for Global News. I’m the chief political correspondent with that organization.”

“Are you going to let me finish my statement?” Poilievre asked.

A brief exchange followed, and Poilievre commented that he had never seen Akin heckling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After Poilievre promised to answer questions at the end of his speech, Akin finally allowed Poilievre to begin his speech again and finish without interruption.

Although Akin’s behaviour was unordinary for Canadian reporting, Liberals have not labeled Akin a “threat to democracy,” as they labeled a man who heckled Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in August, calling her a “traitor.”

Trudeau has also failed to comment on the interruption of Poilievre, though after the incident with Freeland he had made a statement condemning harassment.

“Threats, violence, intimidation of any kind, are always unacceptable and this kind of cowardly behaviour threatens and undermines our democracy and our values and openness and respect upon which Canada was built,” Trudeau said.

Later that night, Akin tweeted an apology to Poilievre, saying many of his readers and viewers told him that his behaviour earlier was “rude and disrespectful.” He apologized, saying, “I agree. I’m sorry for that. We all want politicians to answer questions — but there are better ways of making that point.”