MEXICO, July 29, 2004 ( – Science is starting to show what family advocates have pointed out for years, that mothers and fathers and especially day care workers, are not interchangeable in child development. Babette Francis, a pro-family lobbyist who has spent years tracking the UN’s ‘gender agenda,’ has written extensively on the damage done to families – and the laws that protect them – by feminist notions of gender identity. Francis writes in an article in News Weekly, about scientific findings showing the physical necessity of the presence of a child’s mother in his neural development.  Christine De Vollmer, president of the Latin-America Alliance for the Family gave a paper at the World Congress of Families in Mexico. She cited studies that demonstrate that the cerebral cortex of the human brain does not grow automatically but according to the stimulation received while it is in the main growth phase, i.e., during the first six years. De Vollmer said, “New, non-invasive studies of brain development show that the cortico-limbic lobes also develop in response to stimulation – and that stimulation is the love and caresses of the baby’s mother from the moment of birth.”  In the talk, De Vollmer cited Dr Allan N. Schore’s important study, ‘Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self: The Neurobiology of Emotional Development.’ Schore said, “New discoveries establish the significance of those hours of mothers gazing at their babies. It seems a detectable energy flows from the mother’s brain through her eyes into the baby’s eyes and stimulates the baby’s brain.”  Francis warns that the necessary connection to stimulate normal brain development cannot be achieved by part-time caregivers.

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