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(LifeSiteNews) — A researcher has written a definitive, rigorously documented and easily accessible essay thoroughly dismantling the falsehoods used to justify the use of masks in the general population as a means of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. The essay further incriminates government agencies and big tech corporations for “engaging in actions that resemble common disinformation tactics” which have led to “countless deaths.”

James D. Agresti is the president and cofounder of Just Facts, a think tank dedicated to publishing “rigorously documented facts about public policy issues.” His extensive essay provides an educational and detailed analysis of the history of the question, the gradations in strength of different types of studies, and the “cherry-picking, censorship, muddying the waters, citation bluffs, non-sequiturs, half-truths, and outright falsehoods” used by government agencies, media and big tech corporations to advance deadly policies.

When asked what inspired him to put “more than 500 hours of research” into writing this condensed, yet lengthy, piece of work, Agresti told LifeSiteNews, “We cover subjects that are in the news and we feel have not been adequately addressed by the media, government agencies and other organizations. So, we typically step into the fray when we feel there is a dire need for factual information. And this is a perfect example of it.”

Agresti’s research includes a lengthy demonstration, using direct quotes from multiple linked studies, illustrating how government agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) disregarded evidence that COVID-19 is spread by airborne aerosols, and instead promoted the claim that transmission comes primarily through large droplets.

This is relevant since such droplets are “bigger than the pore sizes of most masks and only remain airborne for a few seconds,” suggesting a level of effectiveness for the use of masks in mitigating transmission of the virus. But since COVID-19 is primarily spread by “microscopic aerosols that remain airborne for minutes or hours,” easily penetrating common masks, traveling freely through gaps around their edges, the best studies have confirmed “no statistically significant benefits” for the use of masks “in community settings,” and only “inconsistent benefits” of N95 masks in healthcare settings.

Though the WHO and CDC quietly revised their “longstanding and lethally false assertions about droplets and aerosols” in late April and early May of this year, they maintained their recommendations on prevention protocols — including the use of ineffective cloth masks — and suppressed the need for improved ventilation, respiratory and UV air disinfection systems which could have saved thousands of lives.

Because CDC guidelines did not adequately protect people from aerosols, Agresti observes, “front-line healthcare workers became infected with C-19 at roughly 3.4 times the rate of the general population.” This also shows why several Democrat governors “turned nursing homes into death traps by forcing them to admit people with Covid-19. This is because aerosol-transmitted diseases like C-19 can spread like wildfire in nursing homes without specialized air disinfection systems, and most U.S. nursing homes don’t have them.”

“The CDC and World Health Organization should have known from the start that the vast bulk of COVID-19 infections are spread via aerosols,” Agresti said. “Once they discovered this was the case, they should have come clean, instead of continuing with the same failed guidance that is endangering and killing people as we speak.”

Agresti indicated that “opinions are not science,” and despite not a single randomized controlled trial study showing “that any type of mask helps in community settings,” big tech corporations treated a mere published opinion by a group of CDC employees stating the contrary as fact.

As concluded by Agresti, this also reveals a “callous disregard for the facts — and thus the wellbeing of people” by “Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter [who] have banned factual statements about masks that conflict with the opinion of their chosen experts.”

The paper also documents studies confirming “why masks may cause headaches and problems with breathing, such as increased carbon dioxide, excessive heat, and facial pressure.”

In addition, Agresti cites multiple studies “showing that exercising with a mask causes heart and lung stress, negatively impacts performance, and may have caused some deaths.” Yet, “[c]ontinuing its pattern of deceit, the CDC’s ‘Science Brief’ on cloth masks ignores all of the studies [referred to] above and cherry picks studies that use low exercise intensities, low exposure times, imprecise measurements, or gravely misleading summaries.”

“What are the names of the people behind these ‘Science Briefs’ and these pronouncements?” asked Agresti. “Why aren’t they putting their names to these documents? Let’s see if they have the credibility and are willing to publicly put their reputations on the line. It’s easy to hide behind a faceless government bureaucracy.”

“The CDC is not an oracle in the sky. It is a government agency led by a political appointee of the president who is not subject to confirmation from Congress,” he said.

“The CDC’s record of double-talk, double-standards, and outright falsehoods about masks should give pause to anyone who would blindly trust their pronouncements,” Agresti wrote. “Yet, tech giants like Google/YouTube and Facebook promote the CDC’s claims as unquestionable and censor people who challenge them.”

To read Agresti’s full essay in a PDF (or to print it more easily), click HERE.


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