By Michael Baggot

ATHENS, Greece, April 30, 2008 ( – Three citizens of the Greek Island of Lesbos are pursuing a lawsuit against the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (GGLU) for its use of the term “lesbian”.

Lesbos local Dimitris Lambrou argues that his fellow citizens have suffered “psychological and moral rape” due to the homosexual advocacy group’s linguistic theft of their island’s name.

“Our geographical designation has been usurped by certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos,” said Lambrou. “My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian.”

Lambrou has been protesting the misuse of the term “lesbian” for many years through his magazine Davlos (Torch).

“This affair is totally ridiculous,” said GGLU spokeswoman Evangelia Vlam about the case which is scheduled to be heard in Athens June 10.  “But if we are summoned by the courts, we will be heard.”

The Island of Lesbos is renowned for the sixth century B.C. female author Sappho, whose poetry has been interpreted by some as being homosexual in nature.