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(LifeSiteNews) — Rising 2024 Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. skewered Fox News host Sean Hannity’s suggestion that ivermectin is not effective against COVID-19 during a town hall discussion on Tuesday evening.

Asked by Hannity what he would have done differently as president during the COVID outbreak, Kennedy said he would have first brought to light the “dozens and dozens of therapeutic drugs” that frontline doctors were testifying to be effective against the coronavirus.

“I’ve seen a list that [Dr.] Pierre Kory and Dr. (Peter) McCullough have published of about 20 different drugs that were just devastatingly effective,” said Kennedy, clarifying that these included ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine but also “many, many others.”

“But the problem was not only did they not focus on those, but they tried to prevent the public from getting access to them,” Kennedy continued, explaining that this was because federal law prohibits emergency use authorization for a vaccine “if an existing therapeutic drug … proves to be effective against the target disease.”

“If they admitted that hydroxychloroquine, which they knew from day one worked against COVID — ” Kennedy went on, before being interrupted by Hannity, who admitted that hydroxychloroquine “mitigated symptoms” when taken early, according to Henry Ford Hospital.

Hannity insisted, however, that he “never saw” a study on ivermectin “that showed it was effective.”

“You don’t know about those studies because the press is not reporting on them,” Kennedy replied.

He cited Dr. Meryl Nass, a bioterrorism expert, and Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale professor of epidemiology, who “have lists of 99 studies that show that ivermectin is on average about 85 percent effective against serious disease and death.”

Indeed, a website devoted to research on COVID treatments cites 99 studies showing ivermectin’s high rates of effectiveness against COVID-19 when used as prophylaxis and early treatment, and significant mitigation of the disease even when used as late treatment.

Several medical experts testified to the benefits of the Nobel Prize-winning drug for COVID-19 patients at a hearing held by the Senate Homeland Security Committee in late 2020, with Dr. Kory, an intensive care specialist from Wisconsin, testifying to what he called “the miraculous effectiveness of ivermectin” against COVID.

Kory is a founding member of Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), “a group of highly published leaders in critical care” who sought to stop excessive mortality from COVID-19. FLCCC developed a treatment regimen incorporating ivermectin, which the group claims has led to up to 83% lower-than-average COVID-19 death rates in hospitals that have applied it.

Since Kennedy announced his bid for the presidency, the mainstream media has unrelentingly bashed him for his views on vaccines and the COVID mRNA shots, and for his critique of the government’s response to COVID. These outlets are generally the recipients of generous funding from the very same pharma companies producing the so-called “vaccines” that generated billions of dollars after therapeutic drugs were rejected as government-sponsored treatment for COVID.

For example, Pfizer, which earned $36.7 billion from its Covid jab worldwide in 2021, has run more than 2,600 ads on Fox News since January 2019, Media Matters reported. The pharma giant has sponsored many other mainstream TV programs, including CNN Tonight, ABC News Nightline, CBS Healthwatch, and Good Morning America.

While a USA Today/Suffolk University poll claimed that support among Biden voters for Kennedy is scant, Rasmussen Reports surveys indicate otherwise, with a June poll showing that 49% of likely U.S. voters have a “favorable” opinion of RFK Jr., and that more than a third of Democrat voters believe he can win their party’s primary election.

Kennedy’s favorable ratings could spell an upset of Biden’s 2024 run, considering the presidential incumbent’s polling weakness. During the 20th century, sitting presidents have commonly lost general elections after being weakened by a primary challenger.

Kennedy has criticized the Democratic National Committee for setting up a “rigged” primary system. He also argued that the Democratic Party wants to eschew primary debates to ensure Biden makes it through the primaries without any real challenge.