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(LifeSiteNews) — In an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson, Democratic presidential primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. provided extensive critiques of the neoconservative “proxy” war against Russia along with the U.S. bioweapons development program and who he believes assassinated his late uncle, President John F. Kennedy, in 1963.

The interview was released Monday night in the 16th installment of Carlson’s Tucker on Twitter show, which he launched after the sudden April 24th cancelling of his historically highest-rated cable news show on Fox News.

Kennedy provided a thorough history of the war in Ukraine, charging that the public has been “lied to from the beginning” being presented with a “comic book depiction which we see in every war. There’s a bad guy who’s like, you know, unspeakably evil, who’s planning world conquest or a terrorist attack on America, and we have to be the good guys and go in and stop it.”

But “the background of the Ukraine war is much more complex than that,” involving “a group of people that are known as neocons” who “since 2001 have been talking about putting NATO in Ukraine,” he said.

Kennedy discussed the historical and practical security reasons why the West bringing Ukraine into NATO was a clear “red line” for Russia that it repeatedly and explicitly warned it would go to war to prevent, with all of this being well known and fully acknowledged by U.S. diplomats.

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“The Russians were invaded three times through Ukraine. The last time they were invaded, Hitler killed between 20 and 40 million Russians. Hitler killed one out of every seven Russians,” RFK Jr. explained.

After promising to not move NATO “one inch” to the east in 1992, this promise was broken beginning in 1997. The alliance went on to move “not one inch but 1,000 miles, [adding] 14 countries,” he explained. This included putting “nuclear ready missile launchers … [that] can take Tomahawk missiles” into Poland and Romania. From this proximity, “we could in 12 minutes decapitate the entire leadership of Russia,” he said. And even from here, NATO wanted to move much farther east by incorporating Ukraine.

RFK Jr. compared this to the Cuba Missile Crisis in 1963 when his late uncle, President Kennedy, would have obviously been forced to invade the island nation in order to protect the U.S. homeland from such a threat.

Carlson responded by concluding the policy of NATO expansion therefore indicates an intentionality to provoke Russia to war, which Kennedy affirmed. The candidate went on describing how the U.S.-backed 2014 coup d’etat of Ukraine’s duly elected government included officials of the new Western government who were selected at the time by U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland, a “centerpiece of the neocon ideology.”

Carlson asked, “Is that democracy when Victoria Nuland picks your government?”

“The CIA don’t do democracy,” RFK Jr. responded. “The CIA has overthrown I think 83 governments between 1947 and 1997. That’s a third of the governments on Earth, and most of them were democracies. So, it doesn’t do democracy, it does coup d’etats.”

‘Death scientists’ developing ‘frightening’ bioweapons in Ukraine

The former Fox News host went on to recall Nuland acknowledging the presence of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine last year and asked his guest, “Why would we have biolabs in Ukraine?”

“Because we’re developing bioweapons,” RFK Jr. asserted, “and those bioweapons are using all kinds of new synthetic biology and CRISPR technology and genetic engineering techniques that were not available to previous generations. And it can make frightening, frightening stuff.”

Summarizing the history of this development, he said, “when the Patriot Act reopened the bioweapon armories in 2001, the Pentagon began putting a lot of money into bioweapons, but they were nervous at the time” as such a course of action may violate the Geneva Conventions, which was “a hanging offense.”

“So they transferred the authority for biosecurity to one agency in the HHS [Health and Human Services], called the [National Institutes for Allergy and Infectious Disease] run by Anthony Fauci. So Anthony Fauci got all the responsibility for bioweapons development. He got, at that time, a 68 percent raise from the Pentagon in order to do that work. And that’s why he was the highest paid official in the American government.”

Because of “blowback” from the use of any bioweapon, where “your side also gets sick,” a vaccine is always developed simultaneously. Such development of these two-part weapons systems is done “through a field of science called gain of function science where you take infectious microbe and you amplify its infectivity,” RFK Jr. explained. “And then you make it immune to antibiotics and therapeutic drugs and other therapies.”

“So it’s actually the inverse of medicine. For 2,800 years, since Hippocrates, doctors have been trying to figure out how to make microbes less infectious and less deadly and developed antibiotics and therapeutics to do that,” he said. “Well, the guys who are involved in this … are now employed full time in developing microbes that can be used to kill people.”

Ironically, Kennedy said these 36,000 individuals are called “life scientists,” but “they’re actually ‘death scientists.’”

Fauci built labs for this operation all over the U.S., but in 2014 when three of the microbes leaked, there was a public outcry, including hearings in Congress.

“Three hundred scientists wrote President Obama and said, ‘You’ve got to shut down Anthony Fauci because he’s going to create a microbe that will cause a global pandemic,’” Kennedy explained. “And so, Obama signed a moratorium and shut down the 18 worst of Anthony Fauci’s experiments … [But] instead of obeying that law, Anthony Fauci shifted a lot of his operations offshore” with most ending up in Wuhan and Ukraine.

Who assassinated JFK?

RFK Jr. went on to discuss his views regarding who assassinated his uncle, President Kennedy, stating, “The specific people who were involved in it were almost all associated with the Miami station, which was the largest CIA station at the time. It was basically the Cuban station. And the people who were involved in that station were people like Bill Harvey and David Atlee Phillips, who was clearly involved in my uncle’s assassination. He was, by all evidence, Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler at the CIA.”

Most of those involved “were associated with Cuba” and “were angry at my uncle for not sending in air cover during the Bay of Pigs invasion,” and for disarming an anti-Castro militia group based out of Miami that was “harassing Cuba” and sinking Russian ships.

RFK Jr. the only viable presidential candidate ever denied Secret Service security

At the beginning of the interview, Kennedy described how as the challenger of Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination for president that he has been denied Secret Service security from his incumbent opponent’s administration.

“We were not able to find a single presidential candidate who requested protection from the president and was not given protection,” he said, listing some relatively obscure candidates who were given such detail as many as 551 days before the election along with former government officials like John Bolton, who still enjoys such security.

Given the regular death threats he receives along with the fact that both his father and uncle were assassinated, “the least malevolent interpretation” he could give to the decision was they are “playing hardball” and want to “bleed [him] white” given he needs to spend over $100,000 a month on personal security.

The last time Carlson interviewed Kennedy was April 19 when the candidate formally announced his run for president. The attorney and author later speculated that the interview likely led to the highly popular host’s sudden firing.


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