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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Children's Health Defense

(LifeSiteNews) —Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said that climate and environmental issues are being “exploited” to push for “totalitarian controls” on society.

RFK, a longtime environmental activist who also supports medical freedom, made the comments recently on “The Kim Iversen Show.”

He argued that the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and other “mega-billionaires” are exploiting climate issues in the same way they exploited COVID to “clamp down” on individual freedom.

“It’s given climate chaos a bad name,” Kennedy said.

He continued:

People now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip mine the wealth of the poor and to, you know, to enrich billionaires. And I, for 40 years, have had the same policy on climate and engineering. You can go check my speeches from the 1980s, and I’ve said the most important solution for environmental issues is not top down controls [but] free market capitalism.

“What we have in this country now is not free market capitalism; it’s corporate crony capitalism,” the presidential candidate said. “… It’s [a] cushy kind of socialism for the rich, and a brutal, barbaric, merciless capitalism for the poor.”

He said a “true free market” promotes elimination of “waste” such as pollution.

He said pollution comes from “political clout” and subsidies. The candidate also called for a reduction in subsidies to the “carbon industry.”

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The candidate’s criticism of top-down measures to mitigate environmental issues is a reversal from his previous statements.

Kennedy said in 2014 at a climate rally that the Koch brothers, major Republican and libertarian donors, should be “at the Hague with all the other war criminals” and said of those who deny anthropogenic global warming, “I wish there were a law you could punish them with.”

He later denied believing “all” so-called “climate deniers” should be jailed while adding that he did want state attorneys general to use their power to force corporations that take the same view out of business, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

Kennedy, the son of the late Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of  the late President John F. Kennedy, recently criticized the Democratic National Committee for setting up a “rigged” primary system. He also argued that the Democratic Party wants to eschew primary debates to ensure President Joe Biden makes it through the primaries without any real challenge.

Kennedy has garnered support as high as 20 percent in recent polling.