By John Connolly

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, February 1, 2008 ( – Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri and his wife led a pro-life rally in the State House rotunda on Wednesday, reported the Providence Journal.

Governor Carcieri and his wifeGovernor Carcieri joined the group in prayer to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the passing of Roe v. Wade.

“The most important thing that we as a nation can protect is life,” said the governor.

His wife, Sue, told the crowd that the Carcieris plan to continue speaking out against abortion after they have left office. She went on to say that life is a fundamental right, as fundamental as the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“It is a basic right we have in our Constitution,” she said. “It underlies all the other things this country has always supported.”

This was not Mrs. Carcieri’s first time at pro-life rally. Two years ago she helped lead a rosary with a Catholic prayer group, for the intention of ending abortion.

Gubernatorial spokesman Jeff Neal said that the Carcieris attended the rally to show their opposition to abortion, not to lobby for specific legislation.