ROANOKE, Virginia, June 27, 2011 ( – The director of an abortion facility in Roanoke, Virginia has been sentenced to serve jail time for stealing wine from a grocery store.

David Nova, vice president of Planned Parenthood Health Systems, was ordered by a judge last week to serve three weekends in the Roanoke County Jail, according to local TV station WSLS.

Nova was caught stealing bottles of wine from a Kroger’s store on two separate dates in January and was arrested in May on three counts of petit larceny, a misdemeanor under Virginia law.

WSLS reports that if the facility director serves his time and stays on good behavior, the misdemeanor charges will be dropped in twelve months after a scheduled court appearance in June, 2012.

“This was an intensely personal matter for David that was not at all related to his work” for Planned Parenthood, Nova’s attorney, John Lichtenstein, told the media.

Notably, the facility where Nova worked had been the subject of a Live Action sting operation. Earlier this year, the pro-life organization released a video recorded at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Roanoke that shows a conversation between a staff member at the facility and a man posing as a sex trafficker who thinks he may have contracted an STD but can’t afford the test to find out.

After the “pimp” expresses concern that he might have contracted an STD, the staff member advises, “for peace of mind, go donate blood – cause if you go donate blood, they have to test for everything anyway. And you know, a lot of plasma places, they’ll test you for free … And they pay you for your plasma. You know what I mean?”

The Live Action actor playing the role of the “pimp” at the Roanoke abortuary was also told that obtaining birth control and STD testing for underage prostitutes would be no problem.

Visit the Live Action website here to view the videos of the sting operations the organization has carried out.