WASHINGTON, September 14, 2005 ( – Analysis of extensive excerpts from the confirmation hearings of US Supreme Court nominee John Roberts appearing at, has writer Naaman “cautiously optimistic about his likely future as our next Chief Justice.”

“True, he reaffirmed the central issue of stare decisis as it applies to Roe, Doe, and Casey,” the three Supreme Court decisions that created and maintained legal access to abortion, Naaman explained. “However, he also clearly stated that stare decisis is not absolute, and that there can be reasons to overturn precedent.” Stare decisis is the Latin phrase meaning “to stand by a decision,” meaning that long-established rulings should receive added import and be more difficult to overturn.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman expressed his unease with Judge Roberts’ replies: “Operation Rescue would like to remind Judge Roberts that while Roe v. Wade is indeed legal precedent, it is very bad precedent,” Newman said. “Today, we know much more about the development of the baby in the womb and the heinous nature of the abortion process. This knowledge has made Roe unworkable.”

“To reassure [Operation Rescue] and others who are concerned, I think Judge Roberts’ words were more-than-acceptable,” said Naaman. “In the face of unrelenting pressure from the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Roberts refused to back down from his statements. Most importantly, he refused to accede to Senator Specter’s ridiculous claims that abortion rights are somehow sacrosanct.”

In addition, Roberts today told senators that any Supreme Court opinions he has on euthanasia “won’t be based on my personal views,” adding that “They will be based on my understanding of the law.”

“As a whole, I’m pleased with Judge Roberts’ responses and cautiously optimistic about his likely future as our next Chief Justice,” Naaman concluded.

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